After ‘killing’ daughter for honour,parents threaten lover, his relatives

After ‘killing’ daughter for honour,parents threaten lover, his relatives - THE TRIBUNE

After ‘killing’ daughter for honour,parents threaten lover, his relatives - THE TRIBUNE

Bangalore, January 18

Two incidents of honour killing, a practice primarily associated with northern states, have been reported in Karnataka during the past 10 months. In both cases, parents — from the upper caste — killed their daughters for falling for boys belonging to lower castes. It was on November 6 when Suvarna was beaten and then hanged to death, her body allegedly cremated by none other than her father in a village in Mandya district for daring to fall in love with a Dalit boy. The police have failed so far to arrest the accused.

Family members of the Dalit boy, Govindaraju, yesterday met the State Human Rights Commission chairman SR Nayak here and told him that they were living under fear as the murderer, a local farmer association leader, and his relatives had threatened to burn them alive. They also claimed that the police, despite knowing the whereabouts of the culprits, was not taking any action since the accused belonged to a ‘powerful’ caste.

The killing of the girl came to light after Thimmappa, brother of Govindaraju, lodged a complaint with the Koppa police on January 5. Suvarna, a BA (final) student, fell in love with Govindaraju, who was working in a jaggery unit in the village. When the girl’s family members learnt about their affair, they made Suvarana discontinue her studies and warned Govindaraju and his family members to stay away from her.

Then, Suvarna decided to elope with Govindaraju. However, her family members and villagers rounded off Suvarna, and attacked Govindaraju and his parents. They then allegedly took her to Govindaraju’s house and hanged her to death. The Dalit families, fearing attack by the upper caste, kept silent over the issue. Later, Thimmappa came in contact with Dalit Sangharsha Samiti (DSS) activists and decided to lodge a complaint with the Koppa police. The police has registered a murder case against Suvarna’s father and a few others.

Another honour killing was reported in Karnataka in March last year when a 20-year-old woman and her four-month-old baby boy were allegedly killed and the body burnt by her parents for marrying a boy who belonged to a lower caste. The incident happened in Tamasanbdra village, only 60 km from the state capital Bangalore.


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