Five get death penalty for 2008 honour killing


A Delhi court on Thursday sentenced to death five of a family for the murder of the brother-in-law of a girl of the family who had married for love.

The girl’s brothers Sajid Wasim and Shabbir Kasim, her uncles Mohammed Saleem, Shaheen Zargam Ali and cousin Shaheen Abbas were convicted for the murder of Tariq, the brother of her husband Sadiq.

“The prosecution has successfully proved the motive behind the murder of Tariq — the love marriage between the girl and Sadiq. Thus the case falls under the category of honour killing. Since honour killing comes in the category of rarest of rare cases as held by the Supreme Court, I have no option but to award death sentence,” judge Bimla Kumari said.

The girl, a Shia Muslim, had married Sadiq, a Sunni “against the wishes of her family”, the court noted, leading to enmity between the two families. On July 7, 2008, Ali forcibly took Sadiq from his family’s home in old Delhi to a mosque, where the other four accused were waiting.

An altercation took place and Sadiq’s brothers Tariq and Tayyab, who had followed Ali, joined in. The accused shot them both. While Tariq died, Tayyab, though critically injured, survived.


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  1. Death sentance to whole family is statement has to accept Love, Love Marriage, Live-in-Relationships than justice, then what is wrong with Honor Killing people believe in social value say we won’t. Social value are to protect our kids & peace in our social system. Stop drink & Drive is for everyone’s safety drunk driver can kill or be killed if choose to be. God bless who ever live, fight & die like lion against social & environment junk of west set to fail human being as Communism. Human is a social animal need social sense & good environment to survive.

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